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The simplest way to do
developer analytics

Developer analytics for Engineering Leaders and Product Leaders that is simple to set up and easy to understand.

Track developers well being, flow, DORA metrics, SPACE Metrics, and more

Maximize output without sacrificing culture

Comprehensive approach to identify roadblocks

Start measuring the most important engineering metrics in minutes.

See how fast your team is really shipping — and spot bottlenecks

Develop a culture of accountability and innovation

Trusted by Engineering VPs around the world

Your current measurement tools aren’t integrated or precise, so you’re missing issues that make delivery unpredictable.

You can’t actually tell what’s slowing down your team by just asking them or relying on a “gut feeling.”
Your Jira Velocity Report doesn’t account for all the factors that could be impacting your team’s performance.
Checking in with managers once in awhile doesn’t result in the quality of code reviews that you need.

DevStats fills the gaps with
the data you need to improve predictability.

Ship better code faster with
AI-assisted code reviews.

DevStats’ Code Review Report measures how consistently your team is reviewing, offering feedback, and following best practices.

See how fast your team is really shipping — and spot bottlenecks.

DevStats’ Cycle Time Report shows you how long each team or developer takes —  from the time they start working on a branch until the branch is merged and deployed.

Compare planned items vs. actual completion for each sprint.

DevStats’ Sprint Report even shows you what items got added late and which were carried over from a previous sprint — so you can improve your teams predictability in the future.

Core Features

Everything you need to take your engineering team to new heights

DevStats tracks SPACE metrics, team behavior, and flow data to increase team output and spot unhealthy work habits.

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30,000 Foot View

Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s performance with essential benchmarking data.

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See exactly how well your team is accomplishing work using DORA Metrics, output, and more.

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Uncover obstacles within your team’s workflow and see what tasks are taking too long.

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Increase your team’s collaboration efforts by seeing how well and often they talk to one another.

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Optimize work output and cadence by seeing when your team is working and what they’re working on.

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Team Well-Being

Avoid burnout and increase team productivity through behavior insights and culture metrics.


Direct integrations with
your go-to tech stack

Seamlessly connect your code repositories and communication tools to improve work quality.

How It Works

Get setup in 3 easy steps

In a few clicks, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of your team’s performance and work habits.

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1. Sign Up

Create an account and add your Squad.

diagram of jira, github, and bitbucket getting connected to DevStats

2. Connect

Link a code repository and Jira.

abstraction of the DevStats Dashboard in blue and white

3. Take Off

See where your team is crushing it and where you can improve.

Get a FREE,  6-Point Benchmark today.

You shouldn’t have to guess how well your team is performing. With DevStats, you can finally make improvements based on data.

See how your organization compares to others based on 6 key, industry metrics

Find areas where your dev team is crushing it and where you can improve

Increase your dev team’s ability to get shit done

No credit card required

Get predictable.
Get DevStats.

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