Navy, blue, and yellow icon with line graph and person in the middle


Optimize work output and cadence by seeing when your team is working and what they’re working on.

Charts detailing engineering team activity data

Data Sets

Blue, yellow, orange, and navy chart detailing individual engineering team members' performance.

Work Log

Highlight each individual team member’s output so you can manage effectively and mentor them toward improvement.

Blue, yellow, orange, and navy chart week-long calendar detailing engineering team working times.

Activity HeatMap

Protect your team from burnout by tracking when work is being done.

Blue, yellow, and navy bar graph detailing engineering team work completed within a given time.


Get a line-by-line list of all the work your team accomplished and see where you can improve.

Blue, yellow, orange, and navy bar chart detailing engineering team work items.

Work Breakdown

See what type of work is being done by your team.


Securely connect your tech stack

With source code protection, read-only access, and temporary tokens, DevStats offers risk-free insights so you can optimize team performance.

Kickstart your Continuous Improvement Cycle

See for yourself how easy it is to continuously improve your team.

Start your free trial to identify your baseline or schedule a demo with us to learn more about our signature approach.

Based on your goals, we’ll walk you through which metrics to target.

Instant access to essential benchmarks

Measurable goal-setting

Hands-on help creating your strategic plan

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